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Welcome to ICM 2012!

The 2nd International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Information Systems, Computing, and Management will be held from December 8 to 9, 2012 in Hangzhou, China.
ICM2012 aims to bring together innovative academics and experts in the field of information technology, software engineering, industrial engineering, management engineering etc. to a common forum to discuss their latest research and exchange views on the future research directions of those fields.

ICM2012 proceedings have been retrieved!
ICM2012 已全部完成检索!
The ICM2012 conference proceedins have be published on line successfully.http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-1-4614-7010-6/page/1

由于ICM2012及ICM2011两届会议的成功召开,现应广大作者要求,将ICM2013会议拆分为:2013年计算机工程与网络国际学术会议(CENet2013,http://www.tocenet.org/)及2013年信息科学与云计算国际学术会议(ISCC2013,http://paris.utdallas.edu/iscc13/)。CENet2013会议由美国国际信息管理协会(IIMA)主办,上海市浦东新区计算机协会承办,将于2013年7月20-21日在上海召开(Springer出版,提交EI Compendex和ISTP检索)。ISCC2013会议为大陆为数不多的直接由IEEE的分会,Reliability Society赞助的高端学术会议,该会议将于2013年12月7-8日在广州召开(IEEE出版,提交EI核心检索)。

The ICM2012 conference proceeding will be published by Springer Verlag in Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering((LNEE, ISSN:1876-1100) and submitted to be indexed by EI Compendex . Excellent papers would be recommended to SCIE journals, EI journals and famous foreign journals.

Important Dates

Deadline of paper submission                        October 30, 2012(不再延稿)
Conference                                               December 8-9, 2012

What‘s News

The proceeding of ICM2012 got enrollerd into the publication list of Springer.                                                                                                (02-18)

ICM2012 is organized by Chongqing University Of Science & Technology.
ICM2012大会由重庆科技学院承办                                                            (09-10)

ICM2012 got enrolled into the conference list of VIP network.         (08-24)

IIMA Association in US provided ICM2012 with technical supports. (08-12)

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